WORLD WIDE ZOO – Zoo Online 2021


    ZOO latest news
  • 25-09-21 // NOTE TO ALL THE COMPO PARTICIPANTS: After the compo has been shown, you may upload your entry in CSDB (or such). PETSCII and Graphics compo participants are asked to upload a ZIP file with the workstages as well.

  • 23-09-21 // DEADLINE EXTENSION! Due the public demand and as an act of scene democracy, we have extended the deadlines! Music, Petscii, Graphics deadline is set to Fri 24th 6PM. Basic Effect and Demo deadline is set to Sat 25th 12PM (all times UTC/GMT +3, EEST) – Submit your entries here.
    In case of troubles with your entries:
  • 17-09-21 // Have you finished your entries already? Great! Meanwhile waiting for party to start, you’re most welcome to join us Zookeepers and party animals on Demoscene Discord #zooparty channel. Click here for invite!
  • 05-09-21 // ZOO Intranet is now open – submit your awesome 8bit entries here. Create your account and you are a go! SceneID authentication is supported! Partyman is a quality service provided by Primitive.


Due to current situation, ZOO – the biggest North European C64-only party will happen ONLINE on 25th of September 2021. Reserve the whole day, evening and night on your calendar, fill your fridge with beer & food and let yourself into hands of the Zookeepers from the North.

WWZ will entertain you with varying content โ€“ talks, live commentaries & music, and of course โ€“ competitions. To make the evening perfect we need YOU โ€“ your entries and your votes. Our studio crew with changing guests will spice up the show through the evening.

We will have compos in traditional categories of PETSCII, Music, Graphics and Demo while having also a new single effect compo in basic language titled โ€˜Basic Effectโ€™.

Stay tuned and follow us through our channels for further information.