Weโ€™re done.

BIG THANKS to everyone involved โ€“ staff, guests, participants, partners and the audience. From our point of view we had a good (but exhausting) weekend full of content. Thanks for the great amount of compo entries โ€“ 75 entries in five categories is not bad at all. Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who submitted us entries.
In all we estimated a total of ca. 500 viewers, with a Twitch peak of +360 simultaneous viewers during demo compo.
Besides the official compo categories (see result links at right) we give out each year a special prize as well with title โ€™The Scene Act of The Yearโ€™, given 2021 to two persons. And as we โ€˜forgotโ€™ to give out the Scene Act of The Year -prize at the 2019 party it was now announced in public:
  • 2021
    • Codetsu / Gorbat Soft – For the work on C64, coding workshops and Genetic-PET BBS.
    • Proton / Finnish Gold – For the Finnish Gold comeback in demoscene and for the sedulous labour done. (Additional prize given by Oldskool ry organization)
  • 2019ย 
    • Scorpion / Artline Designs – For the comeback to Finnish C64 demoscene.
As we stated in the stream, we really REALLY hope to do this as a live party next year again. However, after experiencing Zoo online (and accepting that Finland is very far from most of the viewers) we might have more content streamed in our future events as well.

World Wide Zookeepers 2021 were: Codise (compos, partyman, hardware), Dr.Dick (compos, hardware),ย  Electric (graphics, social media, main org), Flex (studio host, social media), Grendel (all video equipment, stream, mixers, director), Mikron (slides, jingles & music, tg, social media), Spiikki (audio mixing), Zamdee (catering), Ziili (buildcrew, hardware), T-101 (partyman), Terwiz (studio host, hardware), Vent (support) – These good fellas hail from such a groups as Alumni, Artline Designs, Byterapers, Dekadence, Extend and Topaz Beerline! Also thanks to our extra helpers, Niina and Duce for camera operating and Taino for camera / stream operating.

World Wide Zoo also gives verily wam thanks to our sponsors and partners: 8 Bits High, 64Mula, JOK Mediapalvelut, Oldskool ry, Party Factory, Primitive, Roz Sound Services, Skrolli and Retro Rewind Magazines, Streamplay, Nokian Panimo and The Finnish Museum of Games!

Watch out for coming soon party photos page & random fun stuff from the weekend.
World Wide Zoo is over and out!